130 Cottage St.
Easthampton, MA 01027
(413) 203-2330

Winter Hours
MON - FRI: 10 AM - 6 PM
SAT: 9:30 AM - 6 PM
PARK in back and on side
TURN on Orchard St. (Corsello and Nini's)

About Us

Local, Transparency, Quality, Simplicity, Connection

We are a family owned, locally sourced, whole-animal butcher inspired by our experience of Rome's Mercato di Testaccio. We loved buying meat freshly cut to order from our butchers, the Sartors, as well as connecting with the people both behind and in front of the counter. We bring you what we loved most about Rome, utilizing the Pioneer Valley's local, sustainable agriculture. Here you get high quality, locally sourced, pasture and humanly raised meat with an authentic Italian twist! Visiting the Butcheria is an opportunity to learn, to connect, and to be in community promoting the local economy, sustainability and eating well.

Meet the Butchers

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Vincent Corsello

I am Vincent Corsello, owner of Corsello Butcheria.  My dream to open a butcher shop started when I went to Sartor Butcher Shop at the Testaccio Market in Rome, Italy.  I was entranced by butcher Roberta Sartor when she fileted chicken breast for cutlets.  Watching an artist in action sparked a love affair for high quality, custom-cut meat.  I spent the summer of 2016 with the Sartor family in their butcher shop learning about the different cuts of meat, recipes and customer service.  Having experienced it for years on the other side of the counter, I got to trade places and get that hands-on experience.  The sausage recipe is like nothing you'll find in the valley and I'm bringing an authentic Roman, Italian flavor to the Valley as well as my passion and great personality.  You'll always find me ready to chat and you will be warmly welcomed.

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Kasey Calsyn Corsello

I am the other half of Corsello Butcheria.  You'll find my creativity in the shop when you taste one of my sandwiches.  Food has always been a passion for me and while not a trained butcher, I am having a lot of fun learning the trade.  I loved living in Rome, Italy and enjoyed learning about the food culture there.  I enjoyed cooking since I was a child and was thrilled to add many authentic Italian recipes to my collection!  I am passionate about the community of Easthampton and grateful to be adding to the culture of the city.  I'm always excited to connect with customers, to chat about their day or to offer a recipe.  I think cooking is a metaphor for life: It's not about being perfect, it's about the love and joy you put into the process.

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Mark Kretchmar

I am the manager and meat cutter for Corsello Butcheria.  I've lived in the Valley all my life and have over 25 years of experience behind the knife.  Vincent and Kasey often refer me as the gift from the Universe.  My skill and personality are a natural fit to compliment the shop's culture.  The Corsellos call me a master and say watching me work is much like that of Michaelangelo painting.  I guess my comfort makes it look easy.  My passion and knowledge bring an exciting experience to the butcheria, from smoking meats to making sausages, I've added my own local character. I like to teach the craft and will always be welcoming!  Come see me in Action!

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