Holiday Specials

St. Patrick's Day
Everyone's a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day and we are too, especially given that St. Patrick's parents were Roman!

Corned beef ready to cook

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Corned beef is usually brisket, but any cut will do, that has been brined for a few weeks in a salty spicy concoction. Ours is delicious and ready to cook, just add potatoes, carrots and cabbage for a flavorful and healthy dinner.  The price for raw corned beef is $15.99/lb.

This is a preorder, you will choose your quantity in pounds as well as the pickup date. The $30 paid now is a non refundable deposit to reserve your corned beef, you will pay the rest upon pickup.



Irish Bangers

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Irish bangers are sausage. They are called bangers because in times of war or want, fillers were used, such as water, which caused them to pop, or go bang, when cooked.

You are reserving and paying in full for the bangers and they can be picked up on the day of your choosing in the shopping cart.



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