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Ready to Cook

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Some of our specialties with which you can cook and easily create a memorable meal for those you love.

Salsiccia - Sausage

Sausage, Salsiccia, Wurstel, Kielbasa, Bangor, whatever you call it, we got your sausage here! Ours starts with a base of meat, salt, pepper and garlic and moves forward from there. If you don't find a variety you love in our case, let's chat as we're open to trying different combinations...
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Sweet Sausage

An Roman-style italian sausage, unique to the area.  We use only locally sourced pork, mediterranean sea salt, pepper, garlic and fennel. 

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Hot Sausage

Our hot sausage has the same base as our sweet sausage, local pork, fennel, mediterranean sea salt, garlic, red pepper flakes and a touch of cayenne pepper.  There's a good kick to them but doen't over power the flavor.

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Beef Sausage

We took our "Italian" sausage and used beef rather than pork. The result was extraordinary and it's even featured locally on bagels in Easthampton. Come check it out!


Meatballs are a sacred thing, and vary depending upon which grandmother made them. Our polpette or meatballs are unique in that our recipe comes from Roberta Sartor from Sartor Butchery in Rome, Italy.

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Our meatballs

Fundamental is the pasture raised ground beef, which we source locally and grind freshly in house. Then we add some Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, eggs, cream, seasoning and bread crumbs from our partners at Pan'e' Dolcetti Bakery. We don't claim to have the best meatballs, although we have been told that and when you don't want to spend hours making grandma's meatballs, come by the shop and we will have done it for you!

Ground Meat

Ever pick up a package of ground meat and wonder of what it consists or from how many animals it came? At Corsello Butcheria, we typically grind to order meaning that most of the time we grind your meat when you come for it and in front of you. Busier times sometimes call for pregrinding and you can rest assured, we will always be transparent as to when it had been ground and always give you the option of a fresh grind.
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Custom burgers

After grinding we can also form into burger patties

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Italian Burgers

We often make our meatball mix into burgers for a very flavorful yet easy to cook alternative to the burger. In addition, look for our specialty burgers where we will stuff the burger, or italian burger, with prosciutto, or bleu cheese,
or some other combination for a burger bursting with flavor!

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