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Being a whole animal butcher allows us to offer so much more than just delicious raw meat! We've got those "extra" products for you or your pets that you can be assured is wholesome, sustainable and made from scratch. Ask us about them the next time you come in!!

Stocks and Fats

All kinds of fresh every day things come from bone, cartilage, fat and tendon, now the source of these can be transparent for you too!
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Chicken Stock

I love chicken stock! I started making it regularly in Italia. The canned stuff is something I cannot imagine ever buying again. We always have homemade, or rather shop made, stock available for you, usually fresh and sometimes frozen. We also make it with turkey or whatever other bird we have around ;-) I promise you'll never use canned or bullion again.

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Bone Broth

Bone broth can give any dish a richness unmatched. Bone broth is rich in minerals that support the immune system and many utilize it frequently for its health benefits because it contains compounds like collagen, glutamine, glycine and proline. For example, some believe that the collagen in bone broth heals your gut lining and reduces intestinal inflammation. Regardless of its health benefits, using bone broth in place of water adds a body and richness to any meal. We use the freshest bones, first roasting them, then simmering slowly with celery, carrot, onion and bay leaf for not less than 12 hours.

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Lard and Suet

Leaf Lard (from pork) and its counterpart Suet (from beef) are prized for their purity. Both are the fat above the kidneys but neither have the characteristic flavor of their corresponding flesh. They are both traditionally rendered respectively into lard and tallow. Lard is used in baking pastry among other things and has recently regained popularity due to recent studies showing that hydrogenated fats (vegetable lard or margarine) may not be a healthy alternative. Its lesser known counterpart, tallow, was used, among other things, for lighting and most recently, it was responsible for the "World's Famous Fries". We always have leaf lard and suet for you to transform on your own, as well as rendered lard for your baking.

Pets and Wildlife

Dogs and cats, who knows what's best to feed them? But if you're inclined to give them animal protein that's been raised ethically and responsibly, we've got an option for you.

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Pet Food

In the course of "processing" a whole animal, there is a lot of flesh which, although perfectly safe and edible, many cultures still utilize it, our cultural does not. So we take this and grind it, pack it into loaves and for a very small price you can feed it, raw or cooked, with or without suppliment, to your pet. Who will love you for it!

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Dog Treats

When I had my dog Bloo, she absolutely loved rawhide. As puppies and adults, they love it and it brings us joy to give them something they love. Turns out, if the stories are true, they can be heavily processed with chemicals and other "I don't want to know" treatments. We take our fresh pork skin, shave off as much fat a possible, twist them and smoke them. Voila! Natural rawhide! Pups love our smoked pig skins!  These are great for any sized dog and if you're interested to know more on the process come on in and we'll show you.

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For the birds

This is for the birds! These balls utilize beef suet to contribute to the waste nothing effort within whole animal butchery. Come get one to hang outside your window for our feathered friends.


We love our logo and are so grateful to the designer who made it! We love how bold it looks on our t-shirts, hats and aprons!
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For the chef in the house, these are heavy duty, embroidered aprons with two pockets. These are the same we use here at the shop.

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These trucker hats are fun and fashionable.  What's better than having knives on your head?

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What says I love meat more that a butcher's knife on your chest?

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Stocking caps

Keeping warm with our stylish Butcheria stocking cap.

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