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Custom Meat

Local, Transparency, Quality, Simplicity, Connection

As a whole animal butcher, we can offer our customers something unique: fresh custom cut meat, coming directly from the farm.

Fresh Custom Crafted Meats

When you come into Corsello Butcheria, you will find a case of whole "primals", meaning we cut the whole animal into sections or by muscles. Don't know what you're looking at? Don't worry, we didn't at first either; together we can explore new things and share our experiences to create simple, easy yet incredibly delicious meals for you and those whom you hold dear. When you come to buy meat, you will get exactly the size, thickness, or quantity that you are looking for without pretension. We cut, grind, slice and dice to your specifications and in front of you, so that it is always transparent just how fresh your meat is. It's part of the experience and it ensures you are obtaining the freshest and highest quality meat.
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Quality Local Sustainable Meat from Family Farms

From Farm to Table...

Whole, Half or Quarters, processed and cut exactly as you want it.

Would you like to stock up with locally, ethically and sustainably raised meat, with cuts exactly to your specification, and enjoy the savings that go along with buying in larger quantities? We offer whole, half, front or hind quarters of beef or veal and whole or half pork and lamb. You pay a one price per pound for all your meat and we cut it to your exact instructions from the thickness of your steaks to the portions of your grind or sausage. We bring it from the farm to your table. Call or come in for the details.

Butcher Boxes

Want to stock up for the week or month? We offer preset packages in various denominations and varieties of beef, pork and chicken.

Fresh Poultry Cut to Order

Our very first experience in Rome was watching Roberta cut us breast cutlets starting from a whole bird. At Corsello Butcheria, we give you the same experience. Whether it's boneless legs, cutlets, or just quartering your whole chicken, we do that in front of you so you can be sure you are getting only the freshest poultry, cut exactly the way you want it (and like you cannot anywhere else!).

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